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I. Periodicals


1. Great Commission Quarterly (《大使命季刊》, 25,000 copies per issue).
2.Great Commission News (Quarterly)


II. Books

1. Booklets on spiritual growth (free offerings accepted)

2. Booklets on missions (free offerings accepted)

3. Compendia (free offerings accepted)

  • New Strategy for Chinese Missionary Work in 21th Century (in Chinese, out of print)
  • Symposium on Christianity and Chinese Culture Renewal (in Chinese)

4. Mission (Please consult price list)

  • Operation World (Chinese translation). Order Form
  • Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (Chinese version).  Order Form
  • "World Mission I" Student Handbook (Chinese).  Order Form 



 5. Mass Media Productions



  • Resurrection Railroad (English)
  • Himalayan Conference on Evangelism '96 (English)
  • Mission Education for Local Church (Mandarin and Cantonese)
  • Truth Series : Understanding Great Commission, Understanding Holy Spirit, understanding the Church (Mandarin)
  • Macedonian call from the Persian Gulf (Mandarin/ Cantonese/ English)


  • The Great Commission (English)
  • Motivation, Mobilization and Move (English)
  • The 5th OCSS Messages (Mandarin, MP-3 CD and cassette tapes)
  • The 6th OCSS Messages (Mandarin, MP-3 CD)
  • The CMM '03 Messages (Mandarin, MP-3 CD)
  • The 7th OCSS Messages (Mandarin, MP-3 CD)
  • The CMM '05 Messages (Mandarin, MP-3 CD)